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Secret Garden Scented Reed Diffuser - Natural - Vegan with Dried Flowers

Secret Garden Scented Reed Diffuser - Natural - Vegan with Dried Flowers

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We love our ‘Secret Garden’ vegan friendly diffuser with fibre reed sticks. ‘Secret Garden’ is our signature scent. It’s a vegan friendly eco soy candle with notes of; Sweet, Wood, Fruity and Spicy. It had a sweet scent without being overpowering.

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Diffuser Size: 100ml H: 11.5cm x W: 5cm

All our diffusers come with a handmade bunch of stunning dried flowers. Pergola London is a family run candle and diffuser making business. It’s a business inspired by nature and quality ingredients. Our diffusers are made of natural base oil, handmade/mixed in the London using premium oil scents. They are then finished with hand dried flowers sourced from London flower markets; with a focus on local suppliers in the product line. All our products are individually custom packaged. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, customer service and unique range of scents. You will receive 6 x Black Premium Fibre Reed sticks, 1 x 100ml scented diffuser and 1 x decorative Flower bunch OUR ETHOS: • 100% pure natural base oil • 100% Vegan friendly • 100% Paraben Free • Low carbon footprint • No testing on animals OUR CRAFT and OFFER: • Hand mixed, decorated and packaged by us in London • Quality Premium fragrance oils in all our products • Bespoke dried flower design with every diffuser • Long lasting scent for over 3 months Our Social Media is Below: https://www.instagram.com/pergola_london/ https://www.facebook.com/pergolalondon https://twitter.com/pergola_london

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