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About Us





LUXECELLENCE was created to bring the best of the British handmade products to the digital market. Our CURATED marketplace is looking to group the best designers, makers and suppliers of the United Kingdom and present them to the final customer in an attractive and elegant way.

It was the idea of a market and craft shows jeweller, to support all his friends, colleagues and all British designer-makers, who was tired of competing against thousands of sellers in other saturated marketplaces.

Luxecellence was born during the 2019 lockdown to help all those creators that lost access to customers which visit them in the permanent markets and craft shows.

We recommend a short reading of our CEO’s words about the “Future of Retail for Designer-Makers” here:



“LUXECELLENCE” represents the perfect combination between the “luxury” of having original and handmade products and the “excellence” of the craftsmanship behind them, worked with innovation and raw passion.


“Best of Handmade” shows that our marketplace is CURATED. We approve the products individually before they are allowed into our platform to avoid mass produced products and a lack of originality. We are here to support all designer-makers in an effective and practical way: to make them recognised and appreciated around the world.


We are developing a practical way to certify our vendors with a BADGE for their originality, eco-friendliness and sustainability, just because we want all our customers to be sure that what they want, they will get.


Our vendors will find all sorts of information on Luxecellence regarding some of the best ways to design, make and commercialise their products, filled with useful tips and good energy. LUXECELLENCE will also SHOWCASE and promote the people behind the brands, presenting top designer-makers to the world with articles about their stories and successes.


LUXECELLENCE is continuously developing NEW TOOLS to help designer-makers grow in quality, exposure and sales, with innovation, creativity and a very focused sense of the future.


We are here to help our vendors become successful in sales and recognition. We are determined to promote them and their products in a currently very hostile environment, working with top technologies and in all available channels.


Our marketplace is UNLIMITED in size for holding products and monthly sales.


We understand that a well organised and fully operative platform requires a solid team of developers, support engineers, marketing and promotion experts, sales agents and a helpful administration.

  1. We have a dedicated team of developers working in creating new modules for the expansion of our marketplace and to keep us at the top of the game.
  2. We have a growing team of support and approvals to help every one of our vendors.
  3. We have a growing Multilanguage team to manage all the promotion and advertising “in-house”.
  4. Our sales team is small, but the new developments we are introducing will make it larger with the incorporation of our future “LUXECELLENCE AMBASSADORS” project.


We are divided in 5 clearly specified groups depending upon size and uniqueness. Each group has a maximum allowance of products allowed to be displayed in shops, but they are scalable. Each one is priced according to the space they use on our platform:

  1. BRONZE MEMBERSHIP:        Up to 10 products
  2. SILVER MEMBERSHIP:          Up to 80 products
  3. GOLD MEMBERSHIP:            Up to 150 products
  4. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:      Unlimited products
  5. ARTIST MEMBERSHIP:          Up to 50 products


In order to guarantee the amount of visitors required for our vendors to succeed and the future expansion of the platform, we are investing most of our earnings in development and marketing. Our fees are designed to guarantee the fulfilment of our plans and programs and they are divided in 3 sections:

Setup Fee: We charge between £0 and £20 per vendor depending on the amount of space taken on our platform, and that will include all the time required to help them create their shops and to support them during the whole process of making their shops a reality.

  1. BRONZE MEMBERSHIP:         £0
  2. SILVER MEMBERSHIP:           £5
  3. GOLD MEMBERSHIP:             £10
  5. ARTIST MEMBERSHIP:           £5

Monthly Rent: Depending upon the space used, we charge a monthly rent that goes from £0.00 up to £9.00 per month.

  1. BRONZE MEMBERSHIP:                   £0
  2. SILVER MEMBERSHIP:                    £4
  3. GOLD MEMBERSHIP:                      £6
  4. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:               £9
  5. ARTIST MEMBERSHIP:                    £0

Sales Commission: For every sale of normal products we charge 18% commission per sale that will help us in developing, supporting and managing the promotion and advertising of the platform (this includes all the financial transaction fees charged by Stripe, as explained ahead)

  1. BRONZE MEMBERSHIP:                   £12% +3% Stripe’s Transaction Fees (15% in total)
  2. SILVER MEMBERSHIP:                    £12% +3% Stripe’s Transaction Fees (15% in total)
  3. GOLD MEMBERSHIP:                      £12% +3% Stripe’s Transaction Fees (15% in total)
  4. PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP:                £12% +3% Stripe’s Transaction Fees (15% in total)
  5. ARTIST MEMBERSHIP:                    £14% +3% Stripe’s Transaction Fees (17% in total)


Different from other marketplaces, we don’t want to manage your money. We want the financial system to send the money directly to you without passing through us, so we made an agreement with STRIPE, the payment system, for them to receive, process and distribute the money collected by the Marketplace. In this case, Stripe will send the money of your sales directly to you. Additionally, all the transactional information (including credit or debit card information) is handled by Stripe directly and it is protected by the same level of security used by banks (SSL CERTIFICATE PROTECTION).


All the transaction fees that Stripe charges for handling the financial management of the money will be PAID BY LUXECELLENCE, liberating the vendors from this problem (a commission per transaction that varies depending of the precedence of the payment which is up to 2.90%, plus 20p per transaction).


With us you have NO MINIMUM CONTRACT. You can stay for as long as you want and you can leave anytime you want. We don’t force you to stay with us but we will do all we can to keep you in love with our marketplace.




Shops are easy to set up and to maintain. In your shop you can add, modify or delete your products with few click of your mouse. You can set your shipping rates (nationally or internationally) or determine the products that will have free shipping. You can also have your sales reports at hand and create discounts whenever you want.

Your products can be created 1 by 1 or in bulk to speed up the setting up of your shop.

Additionally your shop allows you to create variations in your products as much as you require, like colours, sizes, materials etc. with adjustment of prices included.

In your shop you can also receive all the reviews and ratings from your customers which will be visible to help in your sales conversion.

Apart from all those benefits, you will also have:

  1. Wishlist, to allow your visitors to have a bucket list on their favourite products.
  2. Price Alert, to inform your customers when your prices have been reduced or if a discount or promotion was introduced in your shop.
  3. Email to a friend, for your chance to share a special promotion or product with their friends.
  4. Favourites, for your customers to declare a product “favourite” to incentivize your creativity.
  5. Followers, to allow your visitor to follow you as a favourite shop.
  6. The possibility to receive messages directly from your customers.


Our team will be ready to support you anytime. We are creating manuals to guide you in your different processes but we will always be at hand to sort out any doubt you have. We are even open to analyse all suggestions that help us improve our platform.


Our ads are running on social media and Google all the time. We are trying to reach agreements with other sources of potential customers to increase the possibilities for selling.

In our adverts we include our vendor’s products to help promote them.

We also have special pages for the most important dates of the year like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. that can be used, FREE OF CHARGE, by our vendors.

Additionally, we just created our “Deals of the Day” page, which allows all our vendors to present specially discounted products for a limited time at the homepage. This is a FREE service for our vendors too.


As you know we are new in the British market but we are still growing and developing new initiatives, all of them to improve the promotion of our vendors around the globe.

And for sure LUXECELLENCE is the marketplace where you want to be for the FUTURE OF YOUR BRAND.


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