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Dangling Earrings

Erika Albrecht Ceramics

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Black porcelain earrings Purple, Erika Albrecht ceramics

Black porcelain earrings Purple, Erika Albrecht ceramics

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Black oval handmade porcelain drop earrings

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Elegant and colourful pieces for every occasion. The perfect present for Mother’s day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. Supplied in a nice, branded jewellery box, gift card could be requested, free of charge. Fitted with either sterling silver or gold plated findings (allergy free)
Fine porcelain jewellery. Created with love and care, playing with beautiful coloured crystalline glazes. Each piece is handmade, using the finest material in ceramics. Porcelain rolled in thin layers, hand cut and after sufficient drying, carefully cleaned. Fired in very high temperature, where the porcelain gets vitrified, giving a durable, strong finish. The glaze is like a melted glass on the porcelain surface, showing beautiful, vivid colours, crystals. The pieces are light but really strong, comfortable to wear even in bigger sizes. During the firing process the glaze grows crystals, creating amazing patterns in deep colours, but it is a random process, out of control. The same glaze could grow lots of crystals or none, or anything in between. Mysterious ways of ceramic materials, it is always a unique result, which could be similar but never the same.

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