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Handmade Bone China and black porcelain objects, tableware and jewelry. Embracing the movement of the material during making process, the result is a unique, individual, imperfect form for each piece. Hand decorated with vivid on-glaze colors, in floral and natural designs, portraying delicacy and fragility. Erika was a professionally trained porcelain painter at Herend Porcelain Manufacture (Hungary). She worked there for several years after gaining her Diploma. There she got her attitude to perfection, details, high quality. Applying traditional china making & painting skills to create a unique, contemporary design. The work is an intense relationship between shapes, colors, shades and fine details. Motives inspired by the beauty of nature, flowers, birds, colorful creatures. The collection comprises tableware, objects and jewelry pieces. Designs varies from detailed to sketches, classic to modern, playing with different making methods, crystalline glazes, painting mediums. Innovation with the value of classic. Open to bespoke projects and commissions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Unique, elegant Bone China and black porcelain tableware, decorative objects and fine jewelry. Handmade and hand decorated by Erika Albrecht in her studio in Oxfordshire. Applying experience and dedication providing a wide range of original handmade, high-end quality porcelain pieces.


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