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Erika Albrecht Ceramics

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'Yellow roses' porcelain jewellery set, hand painted

'Yellow roses' porcelain jewellery set, hand painted

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Bone China jewellery set created with love and care from the finest porcelain. "Yellow roses" is a classic flower design, uniquely detailed. Interacting with deep, beautiful colours and a touch of gold lustre. The perfect present for Mother’s day, Christmas, Birthdays and Anniversaries. Supplied in a nice, branded jewellery box, gift card could be requested

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The pendant length is 27 mm, width 22 mm. Drop earrings 23x18 mm, drop length 35 mm. All findings are gold vermeil, absolutely allergy free, with a 16 inch chain.
Pure white translucent pieces, each handmade. Bone China clay rolled in thin layers, hand cut and after sufficient drying, carefully cleaned. Fired in very high temperature, where the body gets vitrified, giving a durable, strong finish with silky, glasslike transparent glaze. The design been hand painted with traditional porcelain painting methods. Layers on layers, carefully applied (after few days drying time in between) creating the 3D effect, using fine brushes. Real gold lustre added as finishing touch. Fired again on 800C, where the paint bonding with the glaze, makes the motif permanent. Elegant, colourful jewellery for every occasion

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